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An extensive range of service items to make life easier. Whether adding to an existing collection or source a particular Jug size we can help.   From kitchenware to Silver-service we have many brands and hotels service that can help.  In Gold , Silver, silver /gold plate, stainless steel, glass, china , porcelain, plastic, leather, wood & rattan

Also available
Bar set up & Cocktail
Seafood accessories,
Knives & kitchen gloves
and much more

white gloves Trays set of 3 30x20x7 to 9,5, 28x18x6 to 9, 26x17x5,5 to 8 cm G730 Tongs stainless steel hammered shaker set of 2 St Louis   Sambonet Stainless steel Thermal Jug  Robbe Berking  platebag petite baroque pepper mill42727-18 Oyster platter steel or silver plate 31cm55048-01 Orrerfors mother of pearl cavier knife ,fork sppon 11.5cm loster fork 18cm lobster cracker 20cm Leather_inter_screw_menu_cover_suede_lined Leather trays leather butler tray L69x73x43cm large spoon roll finger bowl 8dia 3.5cm high emsa-kuehlkaraffe-flow- Embossed Coasters cutlery fabric roll Corners Mount Menu2 Christofle Cocktail server 3 parts _215x215_3 - Copy Christoffle Tray SP caviar cooler stainless steel 18cm butter dish 41561-09 Bamboo Coffee Pot SilverP or SS B.1189 07902110_550x550_5 5161 lutece homedecor11 homedecor9 homedecor8 fe514fbf-662e-467c-b01e-1e4eaef73201_ f2cbcf2d-3f7c-4e19-ad11-5ac7cbc036ea_ df5a6647-3b41-41ba-b3b2-af2ed3bd1dfb_ d6811e4d-7f6c-4fcc-b79e-3643b0c4b8b5_ bedding bath2